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To post photos and comments from the 52 week photographic challenge


Week 34 – Theme 45 “Underneath”

I’ve been working on this theme for a while. I was desperate to take some interesting cat pictures from underneath (see my attempts at the end of this post). I have however discovered that to achieve the look I wanted I either need a better lens or a more patient cat! So I decided to pick a different subject….coloured pencils sit so much stiller than cats. I saw some interesting shots of coloured pencils underneath a piece of glass, so I had a go. I really like the effect of the may reflections in the droplets (I used glycerin which holds the droplet shape better than water).


Here are my attempts at cat pictures…..

These are the most in focus….most of them looked like the one below! But despite being a very poor photography model he still got some tasty treats for his efforts!




Week 33 – Theme 43 “Tools of the Trade”

The castle in Lindisfarne (Holy Island) has been undergoing some dramatic restoration over the Winter months. As part of this they have constructed huge amounts of scaffolding to access the stonework. Rather than ruining the beauty of the place it seems to add interest from a photographic point of view, and made it fit rather nicely into the tools of the trade theme.



Week 31 – Theme 15 “Looking up”

I need little excuse to photograph my dogs and this time a clear blue sky seemed like a good enough reason. So I spent some time lying on the floor looking up at “Lugs” the dog. I love the different perspective you get from this angle and the strange expressions dogs make when you are staring so intently at them….(by the way he was yawning in the first picture not threatening the photographer!)




Week 30 – Theme 19 “Musically Inclined”

Bad weather has forced me to try some more indoor photography projects. My husband came home to find me sat in the dark in front of a blank computer screen balancing CD cases on top of a tripod. The rainbow effect is achieved by having a polarising filter on both the lens and the light source. I read that a computer screen has a built in filter and so this makes it an ideal light source to use. The old cassette and CD cases were a perfect fit to the musically inclined theme, although I’m not sure that the genre of music that I imagine fits these psychedelic colours is quite to my taste!


Week 29 – Theme 30 “Show us your (Colour) Bokoh”

I intended to work on this theme over Christmas when there were plenty of lights around, but I never seemed to find time. So this weekend, while it rained outside, the Christmas tree lights were back out and I played around with bokeh. I made some templates to do shaped bokeh and got the colour filters out to try different colours.

I found I like the images better without anything in the foreground….I thought the hearts were fun as it is valentines day this week!




Week 28 – Theme 2 “Abstract”

This is an interesting theme as so many things could fit into it. I have recently been trying to learn more post-processing techniques and so I used this theme to have a play around with some pictures of wood piles. We have some large forests in Northumberland (although compared to other countries I guess they are pretty small)  where logging is carried out and as a result large stacks of wood can often be seen along the sides of the tracks. They have such interesting colours and textures and I often find myself drawn to photographing them. Here are a few that I have played around with….