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Week 35 – Theme 42 “The Wild Side”

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Today was the Northumberland Resident’s Festival where many tourist attractions are open just for those living within the county. We decided to take advantage of this and visit the Chillingham Wild Cattle. This area of ancient parkland is home to about 100 cattle who have lived totally wild for many hundreds of years. The cattle are thought to be the only examples of truly wild cattle. The tour of the park is taken with a guide who gave us many warnings of how unpredictable these animals can be we really were on the wild side. The bulls have been known to gore each other to death and stampedes can be caused by sudden movements by visitors (I quickly switched my mobile phone to silent). Luckily we took our long lenses with us, so we could take some pictures without getting too close.




One thought on “Week 35 – Theme 42 “The Wild Side”

  1. Great images. I like the cattle peeping from behind the trees.


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