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To post photos and comments from the 52 week photographic challenge


Week 46 – Theme 25 “Low Key”

I’ve done a little bit of photography with lights and while it was fun it takes a lot of time and effort to set up. When I saw the theme “low key” I knew the exact picture I wanted and thought I would need to find a black curtain and set some light up. The issue at this time of year in the UK is that is doesn’t get dark until really late so I have put off doing this. Yesterday afternoon however the dogs were lying in a sunny spot in the living room and I wondered if I put my ISO really low if this would have the right effect… I set about experimenting.  I am so happy with the results I had to share them right away…..


Week 44 – Theme 28 “Mirrored Image”

I take lots of pictures of reflections but somehow these didn’t quite seem enough for this theme. So, inspired by Morag’s four way mirrored image, I set about attempting some post processing of my own…’s not that simple.  Then I came across this free processing tool:….the results are amazing. Even the dullest image of me in a purple jumper (image with the bricks) came out brilliantly. Have a go….it’s fun!



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Week 43 – Theme 39 “Rainy Day”

We haven’t been short of rainy days so far this Summer. At least this has given me lots of opportunities for taking pictures. Of course in heavy rain it isn’t always a good idea to take a camera out so these are pictures taken on my mobile phone. I’m amazed at the macro capability on these phone cameras these days and the ability to spot focus. I loved the way Finn the dog wandered into this picture and how his reflection is in all the droplets.


Here are some more of my favourites….


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Week 41 – Theme 38 “Powerful”

You may wonder why I have a house as my picture for powerful – well this isn’t any house this is Cragside, the family home of Lord Armstrong, Victorian inventor and industrialist. Cragside was the first building in the world to be lit by hydroelectricity, so it really is power-full! The gardens are full of rhododendrons and at this time of year they make a dramatic sight.

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Week 39 – Theme 36 “Out of Focus”

As you will no doubt have notices I have recently been spending lots of time up in the hills and this is where I am finding the most inspiration for my photography. One of my favourite sights at this time of the year is the cotton grass that grows in areas of peat bog. Luckily it was dry this week and so lying in the grass to take pictures did not result in a soaking! I played around with my depth of field to create these images with areas “out of focus”.