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To post photos and comments from the 52 week photographic challenge


Week 13 – Theme 4 “Biggest Fear”

While turning into a zombie, having my throat slashed out and blood dripping from eyes are certainly things to fear, I have classed this set of photos as my biggest fear because they are pictures of people. I have always avoided photographing people and decided to confront my fear head on by attending a workshop at a local studio. It also happened to be a Halloween themed workshop, so I’ve saved some pictures to fulfil at least one more theme!  Having professional lighting and models who knew how to pose made this a great experience….here are a few of my better shots….

DSC_0276 DSC_0389 DSC_0466 DSC_0658


Week 12 – Theme 20 “In the Park”

The autumn colours have been beautiful this year but unfortunately the sun has seldom come out in the last few weeks to show them off. Finally today after a dull start to the day we had a bright afternoon and so we rushed out with camera’s in hand to a local park to take advantage of the light. I love some of the old fashioned parks in the city – this is the bandstand in Exhibition park, the only feature that remains from it’s Victorian heritage.

townmoor6 townmoor5townmoor7


Week 11 – Theme 42 “Silhouette”

Still struggling to keep up with the challenge this year, so I am taking my camera everywhere. This was taken during an evening dog walk in the Rising Sun country park near our home. I was hoping for an impressive sunset, but it wasn’t to be, instead I got some fun silhouette’s of David playing with our dogs, Lugs and Finn on the hilltop.





Week 10 – Theme 41 “Shades of Grey”

This weekend we had plans to photograph the autumn leaves but the weather had other plans….we had fog. So instead of beautiful yellows and oranges I ended up with shades of grey. Here are my favourite misty shots of Dunstanburgh castle near Craster. It was amazing how if loomed up out of the fog as we approached it and I loved the ghosty figures walking towards it along the shore.

dunstan4 dunstan8 dunstan11


Week 9 – Theme 30 “Mouthwatering”

I always think that these mushrooms look good enough to eat, so the theme of mouthwatering seemed to fit well. The irony is that if you did eat them then you would probably get more than a watering mouth as they are reportedly hallucinogenic, although according to wikipedia deaths from their ingestion is extremely rare! Of course lots of other creatures find them delicious as can be seen from the little teeth marks in the side! At this time of year our local woods are full of them.

DSC_0175 DSC_0237