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To post photos and comments from the 52 week photographic challenge


Week 18: 46. Still Life

I decided that this week it was worth starting to think about some indoor themes. So we started to build a mini studio on the dining room table. This consists of a large cardboard box lined with white paper and all the portable lights we could find. We then collected up some interesting items from around the house and set about experimenting. Yet again a whole world of new ideas has opened up and all because of this great challenge! Here are my 2 favourites…..I have a lot to learn and lots more experimenting to do, hopefully I can cover some more challenging themes in the coming weeks, but here is my take on Still Life. The first was an idea from a camera magazine involving brightly covered sweets and oily water. The second is rather more self explanatory.

46_Still_Life1 46_Still_Life2


Week 17: 33. Paths and/or Trails

Last weekend we got up early and drove west to the middle of the country. We arrived at Steel Rigg on Hadrian’s Wall at sunrise and had the most glorious walk along the wall – which has a path along its entire length which is also a national trail- so this is both a path and trail! The colours seem to be so much more vivid early in the morning and it was raining was lunchtime so we were glad we got out early. This shot is taken along the wall looking east towards Greenlee Lough.
This second picture is Finn the dog walking along the path across Greenlee nature reserve….another path!


Week 16: 7. Car Lights

Although Winter in the UK is far from extreme (and I have lived in Bozeman, Montana, so I know what real Winter is) it is surprising how far North we are here in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The main result of this is that at this time of the year the days become very short. While this can sometimes make me feel very unhappy, this year it has simply opened up a whole new set of themes for the 52 week challenge…….hooray for night photography. This week we spent an evening out in town taking long exposure shots of “car lights”. This was my favourite shot from the evening of a fire engine going over the Tyne bridge.



Week 15: 37. Rows and Rows of ……Crosses

Finally I am back on track with my Monday posting. Had a great weekend of photography, the sun was out and the themes just kept coming!

As a tribute to remembrance Sunday coming up this week and of course the centenary of World War I, I decided that this photograph was appropriate for my rows and rows theme. This was taken in Saltwell park in Gateshead where they have set aside an area for people to “plant” crosses in memory of soldiers that have lost their lives. These include sections for WWI veterans as well as those lost in more recent conflicts. Each cross has a poppy of remembrance and a message from loved ones.



Week 14: 32. Painting with Light

We did some experimentation with techniques for painting with light over the Summer, but the dark lights have brought on a new enthusiasm for this theme. Since then my sister (52-week blogger Jacqui Burrows) has discovered making orbs with light and this has become our new favourite Saturday night activity – something we can share despite being at opposite ends of the country. Hopefully she will post some of her successes on her blog this week too. Here are my favourites from our night out at the beach. The second one caused some laughter when I had to abort my path across the picture as I realized I was about to end up in the sea! Many thanks to my husband (52-week blogger David McAllister) for swinging lights and/or operating the remote control on our excursion.

32_Painting_with _Light (2)32_Painting_with _Light (3)32_Painting_with _Light (1)