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To post photos and comments from the 52 week photographic challenge


Week 5: 20. Interpretation of Art

David and I went on an adventure to Middlesborough this weekend to capture some of the industrial landscapes it has to offer (the bridges are very interesting and may feature in another post). While I don’t have a great appreciation for modern art – I’m more of a Monet fan, there is something interesting about some of the graffiti images you come across in an urban area. I managed to position my dog “Finn” in such a way that it looks like he is on a graffiti lead. I think the original depiction was actually a fishing rod, but this is my interpretation of art after all!



Week 4: 28.Natural Beauty

This week was tough. I had a few themes in mind but I have not achieved a photo on either of them that I liked enough to post. My attempts at “forced perspective” were at least good fun, although neither the rabbits nor the dogs were so amused at having to pose for me! This needs much more practice (and maybe some additional pet training!). The other area where I want to improve is landscapes, somehow however beautiful the scene, I never seem to be able to capture it the way I want….so watch out for these themes in the coming weeks as I work harder to get that perfect picture (or at least one I am happy with).

So rather than post a picture I am disappointed with, I have fallen back on a favourite subject of mine. To be honest I have a bit of an obsession with these plants which I think definately fit the theme of “Natural Beauty”. The Umbelliferae.  [The Apiaceae (or Umbelliferae), commonly known as the celery, carrot or parsley family, are a family of mostly aromatic plants with hollow stems. The family, which is named after the type genus Apium, is large, with more than 3,700 species spread across 434 genera; it is the 16th-largest family of flowering plants. – Wikipedia definition].


I love the intricate structure of these flowers, from the wild carrot (thanks to my Father for the identification) with its magical pink flower in the centre, to the vivid green of the wild parsnip. These are plants that do not loose their appeal as the flowers die off but gain a beautiful architectural quality that is a great addition to any foreground. So here is my montage to the wonderful Umbelliferae. I am sure it will not be the last time they feature in my pictures (they look fantastic in the ice/ snow too!)


Week 3: 31. Panning

This required a bit of research having never attempted panning before. Then I needed a constant source of moving subjects to practice on. Luckily this weekend we had planned a trip to Lowther Country Show an event that included a carriage driving competition. So I spent a delightful day panning away as the carriages went round a series of obstacles. There were many failures but I was rather pleased with this image. I could have gone for a Horses and Humans theme but decided I am more likely to come across horses to photograph than I am to have success at panning!



Week 2: 5. Butterflies and/or Bees

I always think of the week starting on a Monday, so on that basis I am on week 2 already. And the sun finally came out in Newcastle, so I rushed out to photograph the many bees on my lavender. I am no expert on bees but there are at least three types enjoying the pollen. The rather large bumblebee was the most tricky to capture as his weight kept swaying the lavender stems.(note that I am having problems viewing this on internet explorer, although it looks fine on google chrome)

5_butterflies and bees_1 5_butterflies and bees_4
5_butterflies and bees_2 5_butterflies and bees_3


Week 1: 9. Drops of Water

Drops of Water

Another day of rain, so went with Mindy’s suggestion and switched to the drops of water theme. The garden is in full bloom so I was not short of interesting subjects. I love the way the rain sat on the agapanthus flowers, so I chose this shot for this week. Since it was still actually raining taking the shot involved carefully balancing an umbrella to protect my camera which made an amusing sight!

Photos in the rain